American Apparel – Sex Sells (As do fonts?)


I know I’m a little bit late jumping on the American Apparel shock advertising bandwagon; AA have been making headlines for a while with their ‘continental’-esque marketing campain, brief nudity shots interspacing their online and billboard advertising, and porn stars mixed in with their cast of models.
However, I was completely shocked when I saw their latest slew of advertising shots. I’m no prude to artistic or sexy nudity in fashion, but this is pure sleaze, with half the shots looking like softcore porn.

On a side note, while perusing a few other blogs who made comment on the AA porn advertising, I found out that the font used for American Apparel is Helvetica, the font which appears on almost all of America’s street signs and other major places. The succint marketing that goes into even font?!

More scandal after the jump:


Dov Charney, the president and CEO of AA is directly involved with the shoots, and is quite accountable for the direction they take, so there really can’t be any complaints with whether the marketing fairly represents the image the company want to portray. I don’t think I want to dive into their store anytime soon though!


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