Deconstructed kimonos make gorgeous dresses


The latest I.D. magazine saw a spurt of Japanese style S/S designs from a mixture of designers from high street to catwalk. This particular dress was deconstructed and remade from a vintage kimono from KimonoLondon, and looks just awesome. The sleeves were folded behind for an obi effect, and I think without the sleeves this would be stunning.
After having bought a used kimono cheap from ebay in the past, I remarked at how vintage kimonos could be found for as little as £5, and while the lining may be stained, the very thick embroidered silk is often in perfect quality, making it an ideal source for gorgeous material, if you’re willing to deconstruct and panel accordingly.
Hopefully this will be one of my summer plans, with perhaps a new riding jacket in blue patterned silk, and some black silk shorts on the way!


Another part of the Japan-esque I.D. feature were these fab Geta Sandals from ZipanguTreasures. I have some dark wood ones which I wore across the concrete of London and cracked to pieces, so I’ll be grabbing another pair here (pictured right).
The girls ones are stunning though (pictured left), I wonder if they’re hard to walk in?


2 responses to “Deconstructed kimonos make gorgeous dresses

  1. I love the way that kimono dress is constructed! Have I added you to my blogroll – I should!

    • The dress is gorgeous isn’t it? I think you can do a lot of structured tailoring with kimono silk since it’s so heavyweight.
      I’m looking forward to working with it!
      Also I’d love it if you added me to your blogroll, it’d be such the inspiration to update more often!

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