Moving shoes


This Sunday I’m moving house!
I moved into where I currently am 18months ago while at University, and while it’s a lovely house, I’m dying for a double bed! It also has a lovely little en-suite and is in a really picturesque area of London, so great for photos.

I’m packing at the moment, with a mind to downsize, selling bits and pieces off on Ebay that I know I never wear and don’t need. What I’m realising takes up a lot of space though, is shoes!
I don’t have *a lot* of shoes, but I do have quite a few different pairs and styles, and I’m going to have to find some neat storage ideas to keep all the ones I want to in  a smaller wardrobe.

Speaking of shoes, I recently found the relatively new designer Red by Wolves while browsing other fashion blogs online, and absolutely adore their shoes (pictured above). The style matches exactly to what I wear, and still has a rather classic and comfortable look even in being interesting. I think their mens collection is a little more inspiring than their womens collection, perhaps due to most of the shoes being unisex; and the womens shoes seem to have a strong androgynous feel.

I think I’ll be saving up for a pair of these, with fingers crossed they go into the sale in my size!


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