Time flies!


I moved on Sunday and am currently half way through unpacking and getting ready to sell or donate all the unworn and hoarded things that I’ve dragged with me.
The week has been hectic with my University finals, and job interviews for new careers, but there’s always time to blog and buy!

This week sees me with a VTG Prada bag, an Oliver Bonas silk tie (gorgeous details for low budget), and a yearning for the 100percent watch, pictured above.

100percent are new lifestyle designers who have won a mix of awards internationally for their small collection of items.  While none of the others really appeal to me in that same statement way, the watch is addictively sophisticated, with the lights only coming on at the touch of a button, otherwise leaving a plain link brace.
I’ve never been one for watches, unless its a classic round faced timepiece with a leather strap, but this might just change me. No release ’till at least November though unfortunately.

Anyway, I’ll start with the cliché outfit posting when I find somewhere to lodge up a mirror; maybe it’ll inspire me to wear more than just my Vivienne Westwood boots every day!


2 responses to “Time flies!

  1. that watch is pretty cool – seriously, nothing else like it!

    • The more I see it the more nothing else seems as chic and unusual!
      I’m looking forward to grabbing one on release for Xmas~

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