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Man heels

rod shoes

I’ve been running around everywhere sorting out a million things, so now finally making some time to drop in a fashion post~

I was shopping at the weekend for summer shoes while I wait for RedByWolves to get their site working again, and found that man-heels are really starting to sift into general shoe stores.
I love having a half inch or so, that elegant rise looks great, but anything more seems just a bit too much.
Scarlet ran a street quiz on what the average man thought about the same, and 99% of men said they’d never wear them either.

So is the man-heel renegaded to Soho only?
I was pretty certain there, until I saw the Red or Dead Cuban heels pictured above, and somehow ended up 2″ up contemplating whether my tall pale self could click heels without playing cowboy~
While I consider the outcome to this, the shoes stay on the self, and I move onto something a little safer and more wearable!

Well away from shoes (for a while at least). I thought I’d top up with the cliché outfit drop.


D&G sunglasses    Vivienne Westwood Whistle Pendant     All Saints Chatchi Deep Crew-T     Energie Skeleton Hoodie
VTG Riding Jacket     Unconditional Engineered Jeans     Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots


UniQlo Hokusai T-shirt     Zipia Jeans (from Korea)     Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots     VTG Prada Bag


Time flies!


I moved on Sunday and am currently half way through unpacking and getting ready to sell or donate all the unworn and hoarded things that I’ve dragged with me.
The week has been hectic with my University finals, and job interviews for new careers, but there’s always time to blog and buy!

This week sees me with a VTG Prada bag, an Oliver Bonas silk tie (gorgeous details for low budget), and a yearning for the 100percent watch, pictured above.

100percent are new lifestyle designers who have won a mix of awards internationally for their small collection of items.  While none of the others really appeal to me in that same statement way, the watch is addictively sophisticated, with the lights only coming on at the touch of a button, otherwise leaving a plain link brace.
I’ve never been one for watches, unless its a classic round faced timepiece with a leather strap, but this might just change me. No release ’till at least November though unfortunately.

Anyway, I’ll start with the cliché outfit posting when I find somewhere to lodge up a mirror; maybe it’ll inspire me to wear more than just my Vivienne Westwood boots every day!

Moving shoes


This Sunday I’m moving house!
I moved into where I currently am 18months ago while at University, and while it’s a lovely house, I’m dying for a double bed! It also has a lovely little en-suite and is in a really picturesque area of London, so great for photos.

I’m packing at the moment, with a mind to downsize, selling bits and pieces off on Ebay that I know I never wear and don’t need. What I’m realising takes up a lot of space though, is shoes!
I don’t have *a lot* of shoes, but I do have quite a few different pairs and styles, and I’m going to have to find some neat storage ideas to keep all the ones I want to in  a smaller wardrobe.

Speaking of shoes, I recently found the relatively new designer Red by Wolves while browsing other fashion blogs online, and absolutely adore their shoes (pictured above). The style matches exactly to what I wear, and still has a rather classic and comfortable look even in being interesting. I think their mens collection is a little more inspiring than their womens collection, perhaps due to most of the shoes being unisex; and the womens shoes seem to have a strong androgynous feel.

I think I’ll be saving up for a pair of these, with fingers crossed they go into the sale in my size!

Deconstructed kimonos make gorgeous dresses


The latest I.D. magazine saw a spurt of Japanese style S/S designs from a mixture of designers from high street to catwalk. This particular dress was deconstructed and remade from a vintage kimono from KimonoLondon, and looks just awesome. The sleeves were folded behind for an obi effect, and I think without the sleeves this would be stunning.
After having bought a used kimono cheap from ebay in the past, I remarked at how vintage kimonos could be found for as little as £5, and while the lining may be stained, the very thick embroidered silk is often in perfect quality, making it an ideal source for gorgeous material, if you’re willing to deconstruct and panel accordingly.
Hopefully this will be one of my summer plans, with perhaps a new riding jacket in blue patterned silk, and some black silk shorts on the way!


Another part of the Japan-esque I.D. feature were these fab Geta Sandals from ZipanguTreasures. I have some dark wood ones which I wore across the concrete of London and cracked to pieces, so I’ll be grabbing another pair here (pictured right).
The girls ones are stunning though (pictured left), I wonder if they’re hard to walk in?

American Apparel – Sex Sells (As do fonts?)


I know I’m a little bit late jumping on the American Apparel shock advertising bandwagon; AA have been making headlines for a while with their ‘continental’-esque marketing campain, brief nudity shots interspacing their online and billboard advertising, and porn stars mixed in with their cast of models.
However, I was completely shocked when I saw their latest slew of advertising shots. I’m no prude to artistic or sexy nudity in fashion, but this is pure sleaze, with half the shots looking like softcore porn.

On a side note, while perusing a few other blogs who made comment on the AA porn advertising, I found out that the font used for American Apparel is Helvetica, the font which appears on almost all of America’s street signs and other major places. The succint marketing that goes into even font?!

More scandal after the jump:

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Hello world!


I’m terrible with blogs, and updating anything~ But I spend so long online browsing fashion everything that I think a place to dump it all might be useful!

Forgive me 😛